Ecuador and "the Galapagos Islands" in south America.

  • Regions of Ecuador.

    Ecuador is politically divided in 4 geographical regions: From East toward West: the Amazonia, Highlands, Pacific Coast and the Galapagos islands. Most of the ethnic groups of Ecuador lived and live on the Highlands.



  • Quito city.

    Located at the foothills of the volcano Pichincha. Its elevation is 2850 meters ( 9350 ft.)above the sea level. The old part was founded on December the 6th of 1534 by an spanish conquistador Sebastian of Benalcazar.



  • Tucan Barbet

    tucan barbet

    Colorfull tucan spotted in the neotropics

    . Sexual dimorphism where males enjoy of brither colors.
  • Red footed boobie

    red footed boobie








    Red footed boobies found in Genovesa Galapagos island, most people have heard of blue footed boobies but not the red.

  • Common potoo

    common potoo




    Common potoo bird. Hard to spot. Mainly on top of post of fences at day time, easyly confused with the posts.

Hummingbirds of Ecuador

Did you know that Ecuador holds near 200 hummingbird species ? Hummingbirds only found in America continent: North, Central y South America. Enjoy spotting to such a wonderful creature.

hummingbirds of mindo

sun bitternSunbittern

Bird spoted along Mindo river, in the morning. With no wings opened hard to distinguished its beauty.