Ecuador and "the Galapagos Islands" in south America.

  • Wild life: birds, plants ...

    Number 3rd in the world with near 1700 bird species. Over 4000 species of orchids. Ecuador the most biodiverse, more species found per hectare than any country in the world.


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  • History, culture ...

    Ethnic groups dating back thousands of years, Incas from Peru end of the 15th century, Spanish from Andaluzia, Castilla and Aragones begining the 1500s.

    Republic of Ecuador since 1830.


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  • Club winged Manakin

    club winged manakin

    Impresive wing speed per second, faster than a hummingbird ? visit a lek, a place where they meet for... More »

  • Guayaquil woodpecker

    guayaquil woodpecker








    Woodpeckers eat bananas as well, an strange habit ? small, medium and big birds. More »

  • Pristimantis frog

    pristimantis frog




    Frogs, unique bio indicators of forest conditons, found near 27 sp. in the western slopes. More »

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nine banded armadilloNine banded armadillo

Rarely encounter in deep forest hiking trails. Once seen slowly it does squeeze through the forest if you keep quiet.

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